West Contra Costa Schools Could Win Under Gov. Brown's New School Funding Proposal

State officials released district-level details about a plan to give more money to poorer schools.

West Contra Costa Unified officials got a picture this week of what Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed new K-12 funding plan will mean for them. In January, Brown said that he wanted the state to give more money to schools with higher numbers of poor students and students learning English.

On Wednesday, the California Department of Finance released funding projections based on Brown’s idea. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown’s proposal may forge unusual political alliances as lawmakers in rural districts make common cause with colleagues from urban districts, and Democratic and Republican legislators from the suburbs marshal a united front in opposition to the unequal distribution of money.

Like everything else related to school funding, Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula is complicated, but it essentially awards more money to schools with more poor students, more foster youth, and more students who are still learning English. If the Legislature approves the plan, it would come to full fruition in the 2019-20 school year. No school district would get less than it received this school year.

District 2011-12 per student revenue

2019-20 per student revenue

% Increase

Acalnes Union HS $6,727 $9,159 36% Lafayette Elementary $5,925 $7,911 33.5% Martinez USD $6,756 $8,926 32% Moraga Elementary $5,932 $7,822 31% Mount Diablo USD $6,330 $9,472 50% Orinda Union  $5,753 $7,780 35% Walnut Creek Elementary $5,790 $8,164 41% West Contra Costa USD $6,575 $10,836 64%
Giorgio C. February 22, 2013 at 05:48 AM
It is my understanding that the new funding formula will result in no funding for the WCCUSD Adult School. Currently, the WCCUSD spends over $1million for this program. Adult School program http://www.wccae.info/ Although I support the Adult School program, I believe it never should have been included with our K-12 program. How could the WCCUSD justify cutting k-12 Hercules Safety Resource Officers last year and AP classes for our children when the WCCUSD was still offering this optional program to adults? I support this program, but not if it means taking away resources from our children. The priority of the WCCUSD is our children. Doesn't the WCCUSD board understand this?


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