Pinole-Hercules Area Mapped by Wealth, According to Census Data

Check out the map to compare income levels in neighborhoods throughout the Pinole and Hercules area, and the rest of the country.


This map is a visual depiction of income levels around Pinole and Hercules. The cooler colors represent higher incomes and the warmer colors represent lower ones. 

The map was created by a website called Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, which has mapped out "how much money people make in every neighborhood in every city in America." 

Click to enlarge the Pinole-Hercules map >> 

As you can see, the higher incomes appear to be along the water and up in the hills, with lower incomes along the freeway. Incomes also slide downward as you move toward Richmond and Oakland. 

Notice anything else? Share below. 

Play around with the map yourself at Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks. If you want more economic details about a given neighborhood, click the map after you click "search" and it will give you some details. 

Also try typing in big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco or Oakland to see how income levels are distributed in large, urban areas. It's very interesting.  

According to the website:  

Source on income data: 2007-2011 American Community Survey. Income figures reflect the U.S. Census definition of income. All map boundaries are Census Tracts.


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