Woman Sexually Assaulted on Davis Church Campus

The victim reported that while walking on church property she was approached by the suspect who brandished a stabbing like instrument, and then he proceeded to sexually assault her.

A man who sexually assaulted a woman at knifepoint on church property was at large Sunday night, Davis police reported.

The assault was reported about 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Davis Community Church property at 412 C St.

According to police, the suspect brandished a stabbing type of instrument and attacked her, then stole property from her before running off.

The suspect was black, about 5 feet 11 and heavy set, with a bad complexion; he was last seen wearing dark clothing and red shoes, police said.

Anyone with information about this incident was asked to call the Davis Police Department at 530-747-5400

Alexandra January 28, 2013 at 09:53 PM
Lawson, it's a wild accusation to assume she is lying. It's actually quite offensive to assume that women charging someone with sexual assault are really at fault themselves - innocent until proven guilty applies to both sides of a conflict. We don't know enough about this case for such an assumption to be in any way valid. I think it's pretty outrageous to assume someone that you don't know anything about (except that she claims to have been sexually assaulted) is a lying drug addict. Not to mention that if she is actually a victim, this is downright disrespectful and dismissive of something terrible that happened to her.
Lawson January 29, 2013 at 06:07 PM
Affirmative.. To wit: Pastor Tobin E mailed me last night to say I was spot on, he was found and arrested. Miss Alexandria ma'am. I am going to give you a pass on your knee-jerk response to what you termed an "assumption." I didn't assume squat. On the basis of whatis commonly known, or was at the time, coupled with my intimate knowledge of common revenge tactics of women on the margins of polite society, such a charge is copmmonplace...it is common buy prostitutes, drug users and other spiteful people who happen to be female. My comments only questioned what might have been the case IF the female was of the homeless community. I am not in the mood to argue semantics, here. Besides, it is moot since the woman was neither of the church or of the homeless community. My comments remain, as I have seen the charge of "sexual assault" be levied from everything from forcebale rape to pushing a female in the chest area in the commission of a completely unrelated crime, such as robbery. Again, I did not "assume," squat. BTW, The GF pretty much said the dsame thing.I asked hert if she thought I was automaticvally assuming the woman lied. I told her, and I tell you and the world. No. nor could anything I posted be objectively inferred. Knee jerk.. *pmsl* Bottom line, dood got caught. What ever he did or did not do, where there is smoke there is fire (I assume) and he did it on my church campus. I am not down with that shyt...phuc em. Now what? *this endeth...the loop.*
Lawson January 29, 2013 at 06:27 PM
Justin? Just for kicks, I'm going to tell you when I saw your FB announcement at 11:30 yesterday, I called DPD and they dispatched an officer. They asked about...someone and wanted to know his last name. I told the officer I didn't know, but for sure this kid was not the perp. I told him the police description as you reported fitted someone I am acquainted with... to a T, that he had been sheltering at the IRWS regularly, and that he had been conspicuously absent last two nights...Further, and it'd be a simple matter of routine police work with this information, since a photo of the guy I thought matched your description could be shown to the victim for positive ID at IRWS's Intake. I told the officer, further, I'd over heard the alleged perp to say " If I don't get in...I can always go back to Oak Park, and suggested he call a cop he may know, fax the photo and pick him up. Guy's an idiot that'd likely be on the streets in one of the many "crack zones" in Oak Park; prolly stupid enough to still be wearing the red Michael Jordon style sneakers. Apparently they spotted him in Davis 45 minutes later...
Roberto January 30, 2013 at 06:04 PM
A black suspect, 5' 11" fat, and wearing 'red' shoes. Now there's a tough one, and Davis PD actually caught the guy. Wow! Will wonders never cease.
Lawson January 31, 2013 at 09:15 PM
Negative, perp not fat. average build really, just weatrng full "homeless regalia." kinda hard giving a good description unless you are trained, given the trauma...DPD rocks when it has too. Ac tually, I understand a citizen called DPD upon sighting someone who matched the description. unless the cops catch a perp ion the act, it pretty much depends on citizens to respond to sightings. Course, gotta give the perp a d- for brains. I think he was still Black, just under 6 feet tall and wearing those way outta style fire engine red MJ style sneakers... I hate he pulled that shyt at my church. DCC gets enough scrutiny by "concerned neighbors" for its long time ministries to the poor and often the homeless. A Black eye for African Americans, for " The Homeless Community." Cut DPD some slack...


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