West County Healthcare. Whats next??

Now that the results of Measure C are in, we are in need of leadership from our Electeds in EVERY level of government. The West County Healthcare District's latest proposal looked like a panhandling effort to keep Doctors Hospital open. Taxpayers are apparently tiring of handing over more cash with no end in sight. This does not bode well for a slew of tax proposals that will come to West County voters in June and November. I have supported all of these measures before, but Measure C is a watermark for me. I voted no. I wanted to know what the long range plan is to keep this facility viable, not just enough cash for a few more years. If the District sells the Doctors Hospital campus to the Casino or anyone else, is that the end of the Healthcare District? Does anyone remember that there is a mothballed hospital in Pinole? Its the original Doctor's Hospital. I dont know if it is viable, but it might warrant scrutiny, after sitting idle for so many years. I'll pay for something solid. I do not want to see my tax dollars used without strong leadership and a sensible plan...


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