Is Gluten-Free the New Health Trend?

Many people have ditched wheat and gluten for increased wellness.

For many people, subtle underlying food allergies are the causes for discomforts that include gastrointestinal problems to skin conditions, while others may have diseases like Celiac's.

The inflammatory nature of the way some grains are processed in our bodies and the genetic engineering that has altered agriculture is getting more publicity. Some may not realize they are having food-related conditions but know they just don't have the energy that they used to, get another cup of coffee or energy drink and might attribute their symptoms to aging.

The traditional American diet is under even more scrutiny as more and more people are affected with diabetes, obesity and all of the wraths that come with those conditions. The health care system is getting closer to a financial disaster. Isn't it time for the government's food pyramid to be revised?  

For more people, gluten-free eating is becoming a solution to their relief. It is not without its challenges of finding available foods. Some just choose a cleaner diet with more vegetables, fruits and lean proteins with some grains that are getting more available, like quinoa. is doing a good job of offering many gluten free labels and a line of breads.

Wheat is being pointed out as a big culprit of something that is being called diabesity. Dr. Mark Hyman is a resource as seen on PBS with his book, "The Blood Sugar Solution", for educating those who are willing to investigate a change in their food choices. He points out that even if one is not proven to be allergic to wheat, it can still have negative health effects. 

Since 50 years ago, wheat has gone through a radical change with cross breeding and hybridization to feed the masses. From this alteration, consumers are more likely to have health altering reactions and intense cravings for the products that it is in. Wheat can be a powerful additction for some without realizing it.

Getting back to the basics with less processed food products, meats and dairy will greatly alter the food industry's profits for sure. I think that many of us are tired and disgusted with the bombardment of advertising by companies including fast food, other restaurants and companies like General Mills and Nabisco. I noticed at Walgreen's a normal sized package of Nabisco's Oreo's were $5.79. I couldn't help but think how many high quality fruits and vegetables could be purchased for that price.

The marketability of food products is fiercely competitive. Wheat ingredients are listed as "Montana Wheat" while Triscuits listed their wheat as "Whole Grain Soft White Winter Wheat." I think companies are slowly starting feel that they are threatened as we wake up to the possible damages that come from eating foods that are not optimal for well being.

Recently gaining public attention are books like Wheat Belly as well as films like Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. These give examples of why more people are turning to a cleaner way of eating. People are being inspired to broaden their ideas about food with the concept of food being like medicine — you put it in your body to do something specific. The American diet may truly have its revisions from a survival of the fittest approach. If we become reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to temporarily fix our bodies from many diet-related illnesses, including those from gluten intolerances, what quality of life is that?

MarkMWhite March 07, 2012 at 08:48 AM
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