Where Do You Log in? What's Your Favorite Wi-Fi Spot?

Now that BART is on strike again and with the roads a mess and ferries filled, we want to know the best Wi-Fi spots in town for those lucky souls who don't have to be at the office but don't want to work from home.

It’s official!  Unfortunately, the BART strike will continue into Monday and affect the morning commute.   You might consider riding your bicycle across the bay like this guy or you might consider telecommuting.

But, just because you don’t have to show up in the office doesn’t mean you want to work from home.  We asked our Facebook followers to tell us the best places to work when all you really need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Here’s what we learned.

Lisa Tsering says she’s had good luck at 269 The Arlington.  Mike Loughery asks why you would want to leave El Cerrito when you can get a good Internet connection at Kiks Cafe and Kevin Mahoney is partial to Well Grounded Tea and Coffee on Stockton Avenue.

Robert Marshall thinks Albany residents need go no further than the Albany Library.  Here’s what he said, “That's easy...The Albany Public Library!! (Except for Fridays  If you're lucky enough to have a strong enough wifi card in your laptop you can sit in the lobby. However, there are only a limited number of seats).”

If you live in Berkeley and you can’t work at Peet’s because everybody you know goes there and you won’t get any work done you can try NextSpace Coworking Berkely or any number of small cafes and coffee shops in and around the downtown

Where do you go when you need Wi-Fi but don’t want to work at home and you don’t want to deal with the commute?  Tell us in comments.


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