Meet Your Expanded Patch Team

Pinole-Hercules has added a new cadre of editors who are here to cover, connect and serve this community.

You've been coming to Pinole-Hercules Patch since we launched to get unique, quality reporting, engaging stories and video, and a place to connect and converse with your community. Now there is a bigger team devoted to Pinole-Hercules Patch.

Jacob Bourne, Rachel Stern and Derek Wilson have been local editors with Patch since 2010 and 2011, cultivating and nurturing sites around the San Francisco Bay area.

The three editors have worked with their fellow Patch editorial teams in a number of capacities, covering myriad news beats and developing thoughtful and engaging content.

Together, this team of journalists hopes to bring the same caliber of content readers have grown to expect from their respective sites and more. They'll be joined by Associate Regional Editor Genevieve Bookwalter, who brings years of experience and wisdom, and Community Editor Eve Pearlman, who was the local editor of Alameda Patch.

So let us take a minute to catch readers up to speed.

What's Next for Pinole-Hercules Patch? 

Pinole-Hercules Patch will continue to provide high-quality reporting and engaging stories and videos. But it’s also interactive, and we're hoping you will help us by providing fresh ideas, sharing community connections, and milk every last ounce of potential out of it. 

News is no longer a one-way road in which us journalists only deliver content to you readers. Technology has changed that. This town is yours, and we're challenging you to play a role in the sharing of news and information. Here are just a few ways to do that on Pinole-Hercules Patch, all of which are just a click away.

We’ll always be here reporting on issues. But we don’t want you to just sit back and wait around while we do it. You’re sitting on too much valuable information, and we want you to know that this site is a landing place for all things Pinole-Hercules – whether it be a government scandal, a little league game or an upcoming festival.

Bookmark this site right now and remember that the Pinole-Hercules community is just a few clicks away from you at all times. Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter and like our page on Facebook. And share the site with your friends, family and neighbors! 


Roy Rogers November 30, 2012 at 07:17 PM
The Patch seems more like the Pitch. Kinda wish we had a real local newsy guy or gal here-bouts. Pinole be gettin the short end a the stick these days. Lotsa drama over in them that Hercules hills buts that be bout to change pardners. Ole Roy be comin home. www.pinoleroyrogers.wordpress.com Joins the posse. Boy Howdy


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