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As 2013 Winds Down Readers Share Their Highs and Lows

Readers rated the year on a scale of 1-5. One reader gave 2013 a negative 100 while another came in with a 5!

How would you rate the past year? Was 2013 good, bad or just so-so?

Inspired by a recent AP-Times Square New Year’s Eve poll, we asked our readers on Facebook how they rated the year.

Nationally, Americans rated their personal year better than the assessment they gave for the country.

Closer to home, one reader in Livermore felt our scale wasn’t sufficient --she gave 2013 a  negative 100-- and a reader in Martinez thought it was a great year after she started overcoming some of her personal demons.

Here’s what else our readers had to say:

Why 2013 was a Great Year

When you start thinking life is dealing you cards from the bottom of the deck you might try imagining how the past few years have been for San Ramon reader Holly Moisa who gave 2013 a five-star rating after her young son had a great year.  “5! 2013 was the year our 5-year-old son JJ finally stayed in remission for a solid year. He was diagnosed with ATRT brain cancer at 2 years old and was given a 10% chance of survival. He had a grapefruit-sized brain tumor that took 34 hours to remove, followed by months of VERY high-dose chemo and a bone marrow transplant. He relapsed at 3 1/2 years old and finished his secondary treatment, including another transplant and 38 rounds of radiation, one year ago (12/29/12). 2013 was a great year and we hope that 2014 will follow in its footsteps.

Livermore reader Jeannie Hambrecht rated the year as a win-win. Here’s what she wrote: “I retired this year after 40 plus years of working, and to top it off, I got married to a wonderful man, with whom I am looking forward to spending my golden years with...we love the Livermore bike/wine trails and ride them almost every weekend.”

Martinez reader Megan Windell is making progress against PTSD and she might be in love too.  “After struggling with PTSD for the past 12 years I am finally doing things I never used to do thanks to a guy I met (and started dating) in April. He owns a business in Martinez and has let me help him out with day to day things and being able to help without the pressure of a real job has helped me overcome some of my fears. I am now more hopeful about my future and hope that maybe by next year I can work again and have my own income (even if its small). If I have accomplished this much in 2013 I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store.  And I would give it a 5.”

Kevin Etter, a reader from Suisun City in Solano County felt that just being alive was good enough to give the year five stars.  “Well, of course 2013 was a good year. According to all the Mayan prophecy experts, we shouldn't have been here after 2012.”

Why 2013 Wasn’t So Great

After the loss of her baby boy and the death a close family friend Livermore reader Amanda Eshelman is ready for 2013 to be over.  “I would give this year a -100. My son was born & died, very close family friend died, I met 4 other women who have had stillbirths this year, my car got hit, it's been an incredibly hard financial year until recently. Plus all the small things in between. Needless to say, I'm ready for this year to be over!”

Pinole-Hercules Patch reader Amber Edwards didn’t like the way things went this year and it doesn’t seem to be ending on a high note for her either.  “If one is the lowest, I say 1. Too much sadness and stress and now I'm ending it with the flu.” 

Castor Valley Patch reader Dave Arcieri doesn’t see things turning around any time soon when he observed where a lot of the money in our country is concentrated.  “When 10 of the wealthiest counties in America are located surrounding Washington DC, that country is in deep trouble!”

Why 2013 Was Just Middle of the Road

Pleasanton Patch reader Jeremy Reilloc had some ups and downs and is counting on making the most of the ups in 2014.  “This year was a 3. It was better than 2012 but not the year I was hoping for. On one hand I finished writing my first novel, but didn't get it edited/published. Got a job in my career path, but it is only part time and pays very little. Really hoping 2014 is going to turn both those negatives to positives, though! 

San Leandro Patch reader Robert Marrujo figured it was an average year.  He wrote, “Balancing between professionally and personally, it's been a 3. Not the greatest, by any stretch, was 2013.”

Here’s to more good things for all our readers in 2014!

TELL US: On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate 2013?


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