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Hercules Community Tennis Foundation March 5, 2014 at 02:45 pm
The City of Hercules has the duty to make the three new DUNS dated around mid January 2014 availableRead More to public to view, according to the Government Transparency Act of 2006. DUNS are used to apply for federal grants as an initial step, and the City of Hercules has four altogether as of Jan 2014. This date corroborate the date when I got my amended Article of Incorporation approved by the Secretary of State and it was also included in the Tax Exempt Form 1023 under nonprofit Section 501( c )3. And I need to know that the City has gotten any grants for tennis court renovations which are also in my nonprofit project, from which the Board get 35% of the total budgets as part of my salary, according to the IRS Form 1023, with the City of Hercules being the "Supported" organization in the "Schedule D" of the same form.
Hercules Community Tennis Foundation March 10, 2014 at 12:58 pm
No one can enforce me to give up the nonprofit intellectual properties for the public use, and it isRead More like a bank robbery stealing someone's money. So, the City of Hercules has the burden to release them to public kindly before the scenario develops in a court action. I heard a lot about how the City of Hercules got corrupted up to this point and can't get out of the fiscal problem, and they had not learned the lesson. In fact Nelson Oliva taught the lesson how to steal someone's money and run. Look where the former City Manager is going to be as a result of the DA and Attorney General's investigation?
Hercules Community Tennis Foundation March 15, 2014 at 11:55 am
News: City of Hercules refused to reserve the tennis courts and refused to accept my credit cardRead More for the court reservation payment at the last minute. I've requested for more than three weeks and Park director kept deferring the court reservation task to the City Attorney. I could not wait till Thursday, two days before the event "Go-Tennis PlayDay," hosted by my pro and myself and the US Tennis Assocation with banner lined up to post at the Refugio Tennis Court. What I noticed on Monday evening, Park Director dispatched one of his staff to take my flyers attached to the outside wall to attract local students 18-and-Under introductory "play-with-Pro" tennis event. I decided to take this disruptive behavior to the District Attorney's office to penalize for discriminating, disturbing public peace and interfering with my business. He also emailed the USTA officials himself to tarnish my image. Under the nonprofit law and City's ordinance, everyone has a right to reserve the courts for event with court reservation fee paid to the Park and Rec Dept. He got my flyer to post inside the bulletin board, to prevent the a few villains/trouble makers (Case #MSN12-1552, Contra Costa County Superior Court) from disturbing the public peace and harmony again, and I issued my credit card for reservation fee fr two courts. He refused and I work free for this and I use the City's employees and his service. I asked how much he gets paid out of the service, he refused to comment. Note: Not-for-profit is a volunteer basis and what that means is "Per Diem," which pays for the court reservations itself.--This is a law governed by the IRS tax exemption Section 501( c )3. So instead of posting the cancellation sign , I would love to get teens and kids come to the tennis courts to take advantage of the public amenity such as Refugio tennis facility, to which they also entitled. The public drinking alcoholic beverages and partying with smokes emanating from the BBQing occupying the picnic area for the entire weekends on an ongoing basis has bought lots of neighborly complaints, particularly from the Refugio Valley Homeowners Association. I requested the Park Director to remove and relocate them elsewhere, he adamantly said to me with a letter, "No, BBQ pits will remain." City corruption continued… --A message from President/Founder on the date of the Opening Day for Playday event, 10-2 PM, March 15, 2014.